Cell Culture

26th Apr 2021

In vivo the behaviour of cells is influenced by the surfaces they attach to. Growing cells on flat 2 dimensional plastic surfaces does not replicate the in vivo conditions cells require for optimum results. We offer an ever increasing range of tools that allow cell biologists to mimic in vivo conditions.

Biomimetic Orla Protein coated surfaces

Orla protein coated cell culture surfaces mimic the effects of cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions.


  • Single use cell culture inserts
  • Coverslip format compatible with immunofluorescene and microscopy studies
  • Free from animal products
  • Maintain cells for prolonged periods of time
  • Tested with a range of cell types
  • Promote cell attachment, growth and differentiation

The table presents a library of proteins that can be used individually or mixed together to provide a huge range of possible surfaces.

ProteinMotifs displayedMotif source
Orla 1RGDFibronectin
Orla 34PHSRNFibronectin
Orla 62FHRRIKAFibronectin
Orla 35RGD & PHSRNFibronectin
Orla 11IKVAVLaminin
Orla 36YIGSRLaminin
Orla 37IKVAV & YIGSRLaminin
Orla 32MNYYSNSCollagen
Orla 30VFDNFVKLTenascin C
Orla 51Nogo 66Nogo
Orla 18IgG binding domainsProtein A

OrlaMatrix synthetic 3D scaffold

OrlaMatrix is an easy to handle 3D cell culture system. The 3D micro fibre structure provides a great increase in surface area over 2D cell culture allowing you to culture more cells in an environment that better mimics in vivo conditions. To enhance cell attachment OrlaMatrix is coated with hydroxyapatite.

Magnified view of OrlaMatrix fibres OrlaMatrix in 12 well plate


  • Free of animal products
  • 3D structure provides greater surface area
  • 3D structure better mimics in vivo conditions
  • Easy to handle
  • Stable at room temperature
  • available in a range of sizes