Buy at Orlaprotein your anti human E. coli recombinant (His tag) protein factor Elisa test kits (96 wells). We offer the production of rabbit, camel and goat polyclonal immunoglobulin antibodies for IHC on formalin fixed or frozen tissue and WB conjugates.


Our Cy3, Cy7, FITC, PE, GFP dyes and enzymes are used for staining and finding the molecular kDa ( kilodalton) protein weight band and subunits after splicing in your SDS page gel. Orla’s recommended dilution protocol for Western Blotting is 1:1000-1:5000.


Contact Lieven Gevaert, Bio-ir for Camel antibody dilutions, Elisa MSDS’s protocols and advice about delivery. Our blocking peptides and apoptosis detection assays are published in NCBI, PubMed with the Gentaur reference.


Genprice manufacturers for Orlaprotein in San Jose, CA mouse monoclonal FITC labelled IgG clones (diluted 1/500 for Flow cytometry or Facs). Our antigen spike peptides, enveloppes, epitopes, Isotype controls are used in research labs.


The cDNA libraries sold by Orlaproteins contain the plasmid for transfection and lenti-vectors with disclosed vector maps with CMV promoters and puro selection. We also supply viral qPCR QCs, RT-PCR and PCR assays for next day delivery.


For normal human cell culture we supply, FBS ( fetal bovine serum), cell culture medium flasks and cell lines Orlaproteins is your fastest supplier.