Clinical Laboratories

B cell analysis

B cell analysis involves studying various aspects of B cells, a type of white blood cell crucial for immune responses. This analysis can include:

   B Cell Phenotyping: Identifying and characterizing different B cell subsets based on surface markers using techniques like flow cytometry.

   B Cell Function: Assessing the functional capabilities of B cells, such as antibody production and antigen presentation.

   B Cell Receptor (BCR) Sequencing: Analyzing the genetic sequences of BCRs to understand the diversity and specificity of the B cell repertoire.

   B Cell Development: Studying the process of B cell maturation in the bone marrow and peripheral lymphoid organs.

   B Cell Activation: Investigating the signals and pathways involved in B cell activation and differentiation into antibody-secreting cells.

   B Cell Memory: Understanding the formation and maintenance of B cell memory, which is crucial for long-term immunity.