Humanazied Antibody

Humanized Antibodies:

Humanized antibodies are a type of monoclonal antibody that has been engineered to be more similar to human antibodies, reducing the risk of immune reactions when used in therapeutic treatments. 

 Monoclonal antibodies are naturally produced by identical immune cells and are designed to bind to specific targets, such as antigens on viruses or cancer cells. However, when non-human antibodies are used in treatments, there is a risk that the immune system will recognize them as foreign and mount an immune response, reducing their effectiveness and causing side effects.

 Humanized antibodies are created by combining the binding region of a non-human antibody with the constant region of a human antibody, creating a molecule that retains the target specificity of the original antibody while being more similar to human antibodies.

  • S-ECD/RBD monolonal antibody(1)

    S-ECD/RBD monolonal antibody(1)

    S-ECD/RBD monolonal antibody(1)(Cat Number: HMB001-N) is available at Gentaur for nextb week delivery Background: Fully humanized monoclonal antibody paired with human monoclonal antibodyLOCUS:QHD43416 1273aa linear VRL 18-MAR-2020DEFINITION:...