Founded in 2003, Orla Proteins Life Sciences Industry is active in through cutting-edge research and a commitment to innovation. We focus upon E. coli human recombinant proteins, plasmid vector engineering and Lenti virus particles manufacture particularly for vaccine applications.

Our experts, Vasiliy, Dominika and Lieven and Univeristy technology platform enables us, and lab managers, to overcome the limitations of traditional methods of protein immobilisation on plastic surfaces and to truly harness the power of protein engineering.

The protein engineering platform, OrlaSURF, can be readily transferred, and is used commercially in a diverse range of Life Science applications such as bioanalytical devices, cell culture, bioseparations, and assay development.

Orla is continually seeking new suppliers, distributors and collaborations with the aim of developing new products, improving existing products and processes, and discovering new commercial opportunities.

We work closely with our laboratory researchers to engineer customised protein technology, camel antibodies.

We are a proud member of the BioIndustry Association, Bionow, and PSL Pivotal Scientific Ltd, and have partners including Newcastle University, Newcastle University Medical School, University of Leeds, Durham University, UCL, Kings College and others.